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Save the date! Lexington Restaurant Week Returns in July of 2018!

Bill Samuels of Maker’s Mark, Bobby Murray of Merrick Inn, Jeremy Ashby from Azur, and Melanie Blandford of Kentucky Proud talk about the importance of Lexington Restaurant Week® and keeping it local.

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The Story of Lexington Restaurant Week®

Restaurant Week is on hiatus this year to put all our energy toward a bigger, better event for 2018. Check back soon for more details.

The Restaurant Week concept launched in New York City in 1992-– a brainchild of the Zagat people.

The creative crew at Group CJ recognized the Bluegrass–Horse Capital of the World–was becoming an international food and drink mecca. It was the perfect place for a big celebration of local cuisine.

In 2013, with support from BB&T and VisitLex, the first Lexington Restaurant Week® launched featuring just under 30 locally owned restaurants and multi-course meals for $25.

Now Lexington Restaurant Week® is one of the most highly anticipated events of summer throughout the region.

Why we do it.

Lexington Restaurant Week® encourages the community to try newly opened restaurants and to revisit old favorites. These locally-owned hot spots draw tourists to the region and appeal to innovative industries who can bring new business to the Bluegrass.

Chefs create multi-course specials just for Lexington Restaurant Week®.  These creations showcase the best homegrown produce and products Kentucky has to offer.

Over the course of ten exciting days it’s simple to sample the best our Bluegrass culinary scene has to offer at a fraction of the typical tab. Just venture out and eat around!

It works:

“After 30 years in the restaurant business, this promotion had by far the biggest impact of anything we’ve ever seen.”

– Keith Clark, Grey Goose

“Saturday Night every night around here!

– Bobby Murray, Merrick Inn

“Business has been nuts, so the community is certainly coming out of the woodwork to participate.”

– Cole Arimes, Coles 735 Main

“I was blown away by the success of this event. We were packed
every night.”

– Debbie Long, Dudley’s On Short

Interested in participating? Sign up now for Lexington Restaurant Week® 2018!


Raise a glass and a fork
to our locally owned restaurants.

Their originality expands our palates and enlivens our community.
These creative entrepreneurs bring visitors and vibrancy to our city. Our stellar independent restaurants enhance the lives of us lucky people who call the Bluegrass home.

For more Lexington Restaurant Week® sights and sounds, visit our Facebook page.

Have questions or need more info? Contact us by email or at 859.231.8666.

Lexington Restaurant Week® Headquarters
Group CJ 314 Old Vine St., Lexington, KY 40507